We hope you like our new logo!  Since we have had the ‘cross and crown’ picture for our logo since beginning Redemption in 1979, we thought it could use a little updating.  Thanks to Carissa for designing the new logo.  Carissa is also working on our website.  We have to […]

Spring 2015 Newsletter

The Redemption Ministry Children’s team had a successful meeting on the 27th and 28th at a local village. They were welcomed into the village through Sister Divya and her husband Brother Abraham. Divya attended the Redemption Ministry Bible Collage from 2003-2005. They run two local churches, bringing the Word of God […]

Children’s Ministry April Update

The Redemption Ministry Children’s team went out on March 5th and 6th to a small Village. A fellow pastor has been working in the village and God opened the door for this two day camp! The village is 88% Hindu, 9% Muslim and 3% Christians. The village is very underdeveloped. […]

Children’s Ministry March Update